Developing and implementing technology services that assist in the delivery of world-class teaching, research and administrative services.


The associate vice-president information and communications technology provides leadership for developing and implementing technology services that assist in the delivery of world-class teaching, research and administrative services. The avp has executive responsibility for information, information technology and communications technology, and for the delivery of reliable and responsive IT services and is accountable for the operation of a diverse technology infrastructure which serves as a key enabler in support of the university's academic mission. The strategic focus for the avp is medium to long term and is implemented through multi-year planning that is aligned with and supports the university’s vision, mission, and values.

The chief information officer (CIO) leads the development of strategy and standards for information technology (IT) and IT security for the university. This role oversees the organizational effectiveness of the university’s information resources and is responsible for delivering information technology and protecting information assets through effective, sustainable, and responsible planning and design.

The AVP ICT and CIO is a collaborative leader, service oriented, responsive, innovative, and helps to develop and promote the university as a positive, safe, diverse, and inclusive work and learning environment.

Technology Plan


Developed in collaboration with strategic partners and built off the pillars of empowering innovation, expanding boundaries and supporting institutional success, the Technology Plan outlines the commitments we are making to enhance the student experience, advance research and scholarly activities and deliver technology solutions that support all members of the university community.



The associate vice-president reports to the vice-president finance and resources.


Shari Baraniuk has been with the University of Saskatchewan for over fifteen years. Prior to embarking on the role of Chief Information Officer within Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at USask, Shari was the Director, Systems Support and Development with Financial Services and prior to that, the Associate Director, Information Technology with Facilities Management.

Shari has over 30 years of experience in the information technology sector. Before joining the University of Saskatchewan, Shari worked for a number of organizations including the City of Saskatoon, LGS Group Inc., Canadian Pacific Rail System, SHL Systemhouse and Andersen Consulting. Her roles have ranged from systems design and development to business analysis and from team leader to project manager.

Shari holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Operations Research Management from the University of Manitoba and an MBA in Information Technology Management from Athabasca University.

Leadership Team

The AVP ICT leadership team works with partners across the university with their focus being driven by being service oriented, responsive, innovative and collaborative.