The Collaborative Science Research Building (CSR building) will be a flexible laboratory building (west of the existing W.P. Thompson Building (better known as the Biology building)) to support the life and natural sciences areas.

The CSR building will support collaborative and team-based research in the areas of life and natural sciences. Bringing together experts from diverse fields such as biology, bioinformatics, the chemistry of natural products, nutrition, environmental science and crop science is needed to address complex issues in a modern context. This building will be a catalyst for intensive collaboration, innovation and development of partnerships.

The CSR building will:

  • Provide modern spaces for inter-disciplinary research and support collaborative and team-based research in the areas of life and natural sciences. 
  • Augment the comprehensive renewal of five core academic facilities (Biology building, Physics building, Murray building, Arts building and Thorvaldson building). 
  • Allow renewal of the Biology building to occur as part of the RenewUS strategy, providing adequate research, greenhouse and office space for occupancy required to minimize the impact on research.


Researchers requiring new modern high intensity lab space that supports collaborative research, based on the research program needs, will be housed in the new facility. Less intensive research (i.e. dry lab and computational research) will be located in renewed space, allowing both the appropriate use of space.

The CSR building is approximately 7,040 gross square metres (75,780 ft²). This overall area includes a building area of 6,040 m² (65,010 ft²) with 600 m² (6,460 ft²) rooftop greenhouse and 400 m² (4,300 ft²) mechanical penthouse. The space will include modern, flexibly-designed, open concept research laboratories and specialized support spaces, research and academic support space and roof-top greenhouse and greenhouse-related support spaces. The building was occupied in September 2018.