Final components of the project will maintain and strengthen the Health Sciences colleges (Dentistry, Medicine (including the School of Physical Therapy), Nursing, Pharmacy and Nutrition and the School of Public Health) by allowing researchers, faculty and students to interact collaboratively through interdisciplinary programs and problem-solving research initiatives that enhance health services. 

The final components are critical to the overall project and will:

  • Create the main administrative hub
  • Improve efficiency by co-locating the deans for all the Health Science Colleges
  • Allow optimization of research capacity within the D and E Wings in support of the intended uses of space for collaborative and interdisciplinary research for faculty, researchers and graduate students
  • Create a modernized student lounge supporting all health science students
  • Establish new classrooms, new computer lab, and support spaces for the anatomy lab including a new morgue;
  • Improve the overall Facilities Condition Index for the Health Sciences building.


The overall Health Sciences project was approved in December 2005 as a multi-phased project. Key components completed to date include preparatory infrastructure work, construction of D Wing, E Wing, Physical Therapy space and B Wing renovation. 

The A Wing Renovations represent the largest part of the final components of the Health Sciences project and are critical to ensuring the achievement of the overall vision and the efficient operation of the Health Sciences facility. Other components include the C Wing Renovations and connection pieces between the Wings.

Approximately 82,344 square feet (7,650 gross square metres) in the A Wing and student lounge area (C Wing) will be renovated. Completing the project’s final components will allow optimization of the D and E Wings for research (D Wing as a wet bench collaborative research centre for health sciences research; E Wing as the centre for social and population health research.