The globally-unique LFCE will partner and integrate USask, the government (including Western Beef Development Centre, WBDC) and numerous industry organizations in 3 physical facilities:

  1. Beef Cattle Research and Teaching Unit (BCRTU) - feedlot, nutrition and cattle handling
  2. Forage Calf Cow Research and Teaching Unit (FCCRTU)- forage, grazing, cow-calf breeding, health, welfare
  3. Goodale - pastures, horses and native hoofstock

The LFCE will be a collaborative, multi-site centre integrating:

  • livestock and forage education,
  • research,
  • training,
  • outreach and knowledge transfer, across the whole industry value chain.

The immediate goal is to establish new and refurbished facilities for beef cattle and forage work.


Construction and Renovations:

  • Construction of BCRTU on university land near Clavet, replacing the current feedlot on north Preston in Saskatoon. This facility has been completed and is operational.
  • Construction of FCCRTU (Part 1) on university land adjacent to the BCRTU near Clavet plus a modest refresh of animal handling facilities at Goodale near Floral. FCCRTU integrates existing facilities and herds with enhanced forage work. The FCCRTU has been completed and is operational.
  • Renovations to the Goodale Farm are currently being designed and are expected to start construction in early 2019.