We have redefined how Facilities serves the campus community, and have moved from a function-oriented structure to one that improves responsiveness, heightens accountability, and supports a collaborative, service-oriented culture that is flexible in supporting the needs of colleges and units.

What's changed

  • We have renamed our front-line call and triage centre to Facilities Support Services,. When you submit a request to our PAWS portal (Admin Services -> Facilities Request) or call 966-4496, a Facilities Support Agent will be on the other end of the line to help you. We have also updated our email address to facilities.support@usask.ca.
  • The Facilities Services team focuses on customer interactions. This group includes:
    • Custodial Operations.
    • Facilities Services, a multi-trade team primarily assigned to work in customer spaces.
    • The new Facilities SBAs are a part of Relationship Management function.
  • The Facilities, Operations and Maintenance team focuses on stewardship and preventative maintenance. 
    • Teams focused on Operations, Corrective Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance.
    • The Grounds team.
    • The Heating Plant
  • We have created more fluid, cross-functional teams providing improved customer interactions and additional focus to preventative maintenance across our campus.

Reason for changes

Changes in structure were required to align with the mission, vision, and goals of the Finance and Resources Portfolio – primarily to improve service to customers, but also to ensure financial sustainability and preserve the integrity of our existing infrastructure.

Like many other U15 universities, the University of Saskatchewan has to find a feasible way to address the growing issue of deferred maintenance. By reorganizing our teams we will be able to better serve the campus community and its customers, focusing on customer interaction while addressing preventative maintenance.