The relationship management function has been developed over the course of several years in order to enable deep customer knowledge and drive tailored solutions for customer needs. It started as part of the service design and delivery work in 2014. Since then it has been expanded by:

  1. Introducing the Senior Client Liaison as a senior position within the Strategic Program Office to drive alignment and consistency across the portfolio and reinforce customer centricity and service orientation.
  2. Creating the Relationship Manager positions with assigned colleges/units to which they will be expected to develop an in-depth understanding of their needs, concerns and long term view.
  3. Reinforcing the Strategic Business Advisor role as functional ambassadors to the colleges, enabling them to effectively design tailored solutions for client needs.

Senior Client Liaison Role

The Senior Client Liaison (SCL) provides oversight for the relationship management function as a whole, integrating information received from Relationship Managers to develop a holistic perspective of what is happening at the university and to help provide advice on long term strategy for Colleges/Units. The role also functions to drive strong customer focus, service orientation, and integration across the portfolio.

The Senior Client Liaison:

  • is the relationship manager for the university’s executive leadership team and external relationship management.
  • provides effective customer centric support to the Finance and Resources leadership team, ensuring alignment and integration of client knowledge and focus.
  • is also responsible to be the customer voice within Finance and Resources leadership team, representing their views and expectations.
  • is critical to ensuring a consistent customer experience across the portfolio and align comprehensive client insight and knowledge.
  • acts as an escalation point, providing senior guidance, ensuring consistency across RMs, ultimately being the integrator between different client groups.

Relationship Manager Role

Relationship Managers are assigned Colleges/Units to which they are expected to develop an in-depth understanding of the College/Unit’s needs, concerns, and long term view.

The Relationship Managers:

  • are trusted advisors, responsible for understanding the entire portfolio of services that Finance and Resources offers and responsible to make the right connections to help resolve college/unit concerns.
  • act as first point of contact for strategic and complex service offerings and will advocate for deans/unit leaders in the delivery of Finance and Resources services.
  • provide deans/unit leaders with campus-wide perspective and trends and will provide them with a conduit into Finance and Resources that will be accountable for their needs and issues.
  • have a dual role: in addition to client management they also have a functional responsibility as SBA leaders.

Strategic Business Advisor Role

Strategic Business Advisors (SBAs) are functional specialists. SBAs are a strategic partner for an assigned business unit(s) for their functional specialty (e.g. HR, Finance, IT, Facilities).

  • SBAs provide support to and work with unit leaders to develop and implement solutions that achieve the unit’s priorities and outcomes.
  • SBAs are also tasked with gathering information and reporting back to RM.

Service Relations Consultant/Client Experience Team Roles

  • The Service Relations Consultant role was created to monitor and understand the performance and quality of customer service being delivered from ConnectionPoint to faculty and staff.
  • The Client Experience Team is an integral part of introducing the IT Support knowledge base and continual improvement of IT service delivery at the university.

ConnectionPoint, IT Support Services, and Facilities Support Services

  • ConnectionPoint, IT Support Services, and Facilities Support Services act as the main points of contact that deals with majority of questions and transactions working across the portfolio.

Structure Overview

The following diagram outlines the structure of the relationships that exists between the SCL, Relationship Managers, SBAs and the various levels of management on the College/Unit side.