Administrative Services Renewal Initiative

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is focused on a future of excellence—to be a university that sets the standard in learning, teaching, research, scholarly and artistic work, and community engagement. Through pan-institutional changes to our administrative environment, we are applying best practices in co-designing and delivering services that are integrated, consistent, and aligned to support our mission.  

What is Administrative Services Renewal?

Guided by the University Plan 2025, and specifically Commitment #2: Boundless Collaboration, the Administrative Services Renewal (ASR) Initiative is focused on co-designing an enhanced administrative operating framework that aligns our people, operational structures, and resources. This important work is a continuation of USask's efforts over the past decade to strengthen and integrate service design and delivery from an end-to-end user-based perspective.

By taking a “One University” approach, we can modernize our administrative environment to deliver high-quality and consistent administrative services, while focusing the maximum amount of the university’s resources and energies on our core mission. 

Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles

The ASR Initiative aims to deliver high-quality and consistent administrative services across the university.  

Governance, Committees, and Teams

Explore the decision-making and advisory bodies that govern the ASR Initiative, and the operational teams supporting this work. 

Framework Overview and Milestones

The ASR Initiative is creating a consistent approach for administrative service co-design and delivery across the institution. 

Initiative Projects

The first phase of the ASR Initiative includes two main projects: (1) Administrative Network Project, and (2) Communications and Marketing Project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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