What is the Horizons Project?

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is focused on a future of excellence—to be a university that sets the standard in learning, teaching, research, scholarly and artistic work, and community engagement. To continue on our path of growth and to truly be the university the world needs, USask must make substantive operational changes to advance our academic priorities and aspirations, within our financial means.

The Horizons Project was established to help guide our efforts and strengthen our future. 

Through 27 strategic initiatives, the Horizons Project is supporting our research and innovation enterprise and enhancing our academic programming to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for social, cultural, and economic development in Saskatchewan and the world.

These 27 initiatives will assist USask in:

  • Building a sustainable foundation
  • Generating revenue and reducing expenses
  • Growing research, teaching, and community engagement
  • Recovering and transitioning operations and services beyond COVID-19

Many of the initiatives funded through the Horizons Project are also aimed at creating optimal conditions for success in USask’s academic and research mission by reducing the administrative burden on faculty and improving service efficiency and delivery. They will also assist USask in strengthening our administrative capacity and community engagement efforts, and in growing our entrepreneurial thinking.

The Horizons Project is providing USask with the opportunity to consider our path forward and make informed and responsible management decisions, with cost savings being reinvested in initiatives that support USask’s academic and research mission. 

Project Funding

As a publicly-funded institution, USask is entrusted to provide post-secondary education opportunities to the people of Saskatchewan, contributing to a better quality of life for everyone in our province. We play a critical role in realizing the province’s goals for the next decade of growth through our educational programs and through our research and innovation enterprise. Working together, we are making Saskatchewan the best place in Canada to live, work, and get an education.

In April 2021, the Government of Saskatchewan announced one-time funding of $31 million to USask to support pandemic and post-pandemic recovery, create efficiencies in academics and administration, generate revenue, and align with government priorities articulated in Saskatchewan's Growth Plan.

Through the Horizons Project, this one-time investment has been allocated to 27 strategic initiatives that will strengthen USask's future and its contributions to the province. Thanks to the Government of Saskatchewan, we can continue establishing USask as a leader in higher education and research. And together, we can drive even greater social and economic growth, innovation, and creativity for the good of the province and beyond.

Fund Allocation

Endorsed by the President’s Executive Committee (PEC), each of the 27 strategic initiatives aligns with one or more of the six areas outlined in the province's multi-year funding agreement with USask. Funding has been allocated to all initiatives across five funding allocation categories.

Strategic Initiatives

Since June 2021, substantial progress has been made to identify and launch 27 strategic initiatives that will enable significant change and lead to long-term sustainability. Completed projects will contribute to enhanced teaching and research capacity, strengthened administrative capacity and community engagement, and growth in entrepreneurial thinking. 

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