Why Now

To be the university the world needs is a bold ambition.

It requires the University of Saskatchewan (USask) to remain firmly focused on our three commitments: Courageous Curiosity, Boundless Collaboration, and Inspired Communities. And, to be very disciplined about tracking our progress against the five areas of impact to which we aspire: Transformative Decolonization Leading to Reconciliation, Productive Collaboration, Meaningful Impact, Distinguished Learners, and Global Recognition. 

We believe that USask has much to offer our communities. Through the University Plan 2025, we are dedicated to delivering on our mission, while also helping Saskatchewan realize the province’s growth plan goalsTo continue on our path of growth and to truly be the university the world needs, we recognize that USask must make substantive operational changes to advance our academic priorities and aspirations, within our financial means.

Multi-year operating funding agreement

In April 2021, the Government of Saskatchewan signed a multi-year funding investment MOU with post-secondary institutions that provided funding certainty to the sector over the next four years. Through the government's $31-million investment in USask, we have the opportunity to accelerate our recovery from the impact of the global pandemic, focus on and strengthen our contributions to the province, and accelerate the university’s financial sustainability.

The Horizons Project was established to facilitate this work.

Guided and governed by an executive sponsor, Dr. Airini (PhD), USask Provost and Vice-President Academic, the Horizons Project selected 27 initiatives to receive allocations from the one-time government grant.

Decisions were based on alignment with one or more of the six areas outlined in the province's multi-year funding agreement. These include:

  1. Institutional Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Institutional Transition post-COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Academic and Administrative Innovation
  4. Revenue Generation and Expense Reduction
  5. Efficiency through Collaboration Among Institutions
  6. Alignment with Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan

Through the Horizons Project—and in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Advanced Education—USask will lead the way for a more sustainable post-secondary education sector that contributes to Saskatchewan’s growth and success.