Establishing a customer-centred approach to service for faculty, staff and students as well as working to provide a positive, safe and inclusive work and learning environment.


The associate vice-president services is responsible for establishing a customer-centred approach to service for faculty, staff and students. This role oversees the organizational effectiveness of transactional shared services – ConnectionPoint, the operations and maintenance of university buildings and facilities, protective services, and consumer services (retail, culinary, housing) across the university. The strategic focus for the avp is medium to long term and is implemented through multi-year planning that is aligned with and supports the university’s vision, mission, and values.

The associate vice-president services is accountable for the development of innovative and best practice solutions that support converting strategic plans into operational outcomes through the execution of service delivery.

The avp services is collaborative, service-oriented, responsive, and helps to develop and promote the university as a positive, safe, diverse, and inclusive work and learning environment.

Portfolio and Org Structure


The associate vice-president services reports to the vice-president administration.


Wade Epp is passionate about serving the campus community. As an alumnus and long standing employee of the University of Saskatchewan, Wade has been able to build high-performance teams that support the vision of improved administrative services across the Administration portfolio.

He sees opportunities to work across multiple functions within administration to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Creating continuous improvements which provide value within Facilities, Consumer Services, Protective Services, and ConnectionPoint is important for Wade and his team.

Wade has been with the University of Saskatchewan for over 14 years. He has a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources from the University of Saskatchewan and holds a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. He is engaged in the community as a member of the CPHR board and the Children’s Festival board of directors.

Leadership Team

The associate vice-president services leadership team work together in building a structure and culture that is service-oriented and aligned with the university's mission and goals.