University Plan 2025

The third commitment of the University Plan 2025 speaks to Inspired Communities and how USask can inspire the world by achieving meaningful change with and for our communities. The development of the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business speaks to the university's goal to Embrace Manacihitowin (Respect one another) to strengthen bonds of respect, trust, and shared benefits with Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, across Canada, and globally. 


The Strategy

Through an internal review of current procurement practices completed in 2018, the university identified a significant opportunity to expand Indigenization and reconciliation efforts to include economic reconciliation.

USask's Approach to Economic Reconciliation

By enhancing our relationships with Indigenous business owners and communities we are diversifying our supply chain and establishing new partnerships. Our approach includes;

  • Recognizing the successes and contributions of Indigenous businesses in our local economy
  • Contributing to the prosperity of Indigenous businesses and communities by purchasing from Indigenous business and fostering meaningful partnerships
  • Ensuring our procurement activities are being conducted in an equitable way that is inclusive of Indigenous businesses
  • Creating a prosperous economy in Saskatchewan to enable local Indigenous businesses to grow and thrive

Our Goal

The University of Saskatchewan is committed to a future where our direct business relationships with Indigenous suppliers are representative of the Indigenous population in Saskatchewan.

Specific Measures

In addition to our partnership with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, the university will continue to strengthen our relationships with Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and across Canada to champion Indigenous procurement by;

  • Incorporating Indigenous business community benefit considerations into award criteria for major university contracts
  • Providing education and training to members of the university community relating to this strategy, their involvement, and how they can contribute
  • Continually monitor and report procurement activity with Indigenous businesses to the university's Senior Leaderships on a quarterly basis and will publish a report annually
  • Sourcing goods and services for Indigenous students or Indigenous purposes and initiatives from Indigenous suppliers
  • Creating a directory of Indigenous businesses and will promote this directory to the campus community


For all procurement-related questions or to learn how you can contribute to the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business contact Procurement Services at