Building Facts

  • Constructed in 1911-1912 at a total cost of $150,000  
  • A facility built to house approximately 30 horses and 50 cattle 
  • The west wing was completed in the first year and was used for horses until the 1950s 
  • The east wing housed the dairy herd
  • The loft was used to store feed 
  • The two concrete silos are likely the oldest in Saskatchewan


The Stone Barn is located at the corner of College Drive and Campus Drive.

Heritage Status

The University of Saskatchewan has identified the Stone Barn’s heritage defining features in its Heritage Registry that can be accessed below. USask has adopted Heritage Principles that will guide decision making regarding heritage buildings on campus.

Studies completed to date

  • 2000 Feasibility Study, MANASC ISAAC Architects
  • 2001 Stone Barn Utilization, MBA 992.3 Business Research Methodology College of Commerce
  • 2006 Condition Assessment, Stantec
  • 2010 Structural Evaluation, Genivar
  • 2016 Pilaster Condition Update, WSP
  • 2017 Updated Structural Recommendations, WSP
  • 2020 Condition Assessment, FCAPX
  • 2020 Capstone Design Project

Stone Barn working group updates

In 2022, President Stoicheff struck a working group to advise on the feasibility of future planning for the stone barn and to develop recommendations on a renewed, realistic and informed path forward for the structure. In its first phase, the working group considered the barn from many perspectives, including:

  • Historical significance 
  • Structural integrity 
  • Related land use and transportation corridor plans
  • USask's Heritage Principles

The development and alignment of the USask Heritage Principles have been a key part of this process, along with a recommendation that the next phase of visioning for the stone barn structure begin, with more detailed stakeholder engagement/brainstorming. It is anticipated that from broader community engagement and conversations, unique ideas can be realized and potential partners can be identified. 

Please join us for a community visioning event on Wednesday, May 24. Details are included in the following invitation. If you are unable to attend, a feedback portal is live on this site to collect thoughts and input.

To help create your vision, use the Stone Barn storyboard document below to learn more about the architecture of the Stone Barn and explore potential options for re-use. The storyboards will be on display at the in-person event.

Feedback Survey

USask is reaching out to community members to assist with developing a vision for the Stone Barn. We are asking community members to submit their ideas about how the structure and grounds may best be repurposed, consistent with our Heritage Principles. Survey responses were received until June 1, 2023 and collected in hardcopy at the May 24 visioning event.